PIDGraph API adoption activities

Dear All,

I feel my team has certain knowledge and usage gaps when trying to use the PIDGraph API and I would be interested to know if there are any adopter of the API in this forum.

Do you know if DataCite is promoting the PIDGraph API for user adoption?. Aside from the occasional question in this forum (and roadmap updates), we have not seen much outreach for adoption anywhere. Are there any engaged early adopters that can provide insights about using the API? or other outreach events/activities happening?

Thank you for your comments

Rupert H

Hello Rupert,

we are using the (FREYA) PIDGraph API in the TAPIR project, here are some usage examples GitHub - Project-TAPIR/pidgraph-notebooks: Jupyter notebooks with examples of querying different PID graphs and providers like OpenAlex, FREYA PID Graph, OpenAIRE, ORCID, ROR, Crossref. Developed at TIB as part of the BMBF funded project TAPIR.

Last year there were several talks about the PIDGraph, e.g. FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Series - The role of Repositories in enabling Persistent Identifier (PID) Graphs - Slides | Zenodo which was also recorded The role of Repositories in enabling Persistent Identifier (PID) Graphs - Webinar - YouTube

If you are looking for more examples on how to query the PIDGraph, Datacite released several Jupyter notebooks with examples like

If you want to build your own queries, you can also use the API playground where you find all entities and their metadata fields documented (see on the right side the tabs “schema” and “docs”).

Hope this helps to get you started!

Hi Rupert,

I think @KellyStathis can help here. As I understand, Kelly is working on improving adoption of DataCite services.

And for outreach materials you can probably get help from @paul.vierkant .

I hope this helps

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Simon Norris