Is Research Nexus another way to access the PIDGraph?

I recently saw this tweet from @Crossref about the Research Nexus API I have wondered whether this is the new entry point to the PID Graph. Is there any overlap here, or is it entirely different? Since there are other discussions about the @datacite PIDGraph API adoption (PIDGraph API adoption activities) in this forum: what does this announcement mean in terms of the future of the PIDGraph?

Any thoughts? @Ricarda_Braukmann @KellyStathis

Hi Simon, someone just shared a link to your post.

We’re all basically aiming towards the same things - connecting up all the relationships between research objects through open metadata. The research nexus is just a conceptual framework for how Crossref is trying to explain the goal. It isn’t (or planned to be) a separate API or Search beyond Event Data and Crossref’s plans to include more nuanced metadata in our main API (such as community-asserted corrections to records, and internal administrative stuff like payment/platform information). It’s aspirational and will ideally be shared with DataCite, ROR, and ORCID. We’re exploring how the developments of these efforts can be more aligned/shared.

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