You're invited to Crossref LIVE19: The strategic one

Crossref strives for balance. Different people want different things from us. As we prepare for our 20th year of operation, please join this unique meeting to help shape the future of Crossref.

With a smaller group than usual, we’re dedicating this year’s annual meeting to hear what you value about Crossref. Which initiatives would you put first and/or last? Where would you have us draw the line between mission and ambition? What is “core” for you? How could/should we adapt for the future in order to meet your needs?

There won’t be any plenary talks about trends in scholarly communications, but instead workshop-style activities to help hone our strategy, do some scenario planning, and prioritize goals together, as a community.

Research is global, and supporting a diverse global community is a challenge. Come and have your say.

It’s November 13-14 (afternoon + full day) in Amsterdam. Please register if you can make it!