You're Invited to a PID Forum Community Meeting

Hi everyone, we will be holding a PID Forum community meeting from 9-10am EDT (Canada/US) on April 7 and anyone who is interested in getting more involved with the Forum is warmly invited to attend! We’ll be sharing information about the various options - from being a PID Forum Champion or Expert to hosting a PID Forum Group (such as a local language or PID specific group), or simply contributing content.

If you have ideas for new PID Forum features, feedback on existing ones, or are just interested in being more involved in our community, please do come along, just let me know - either here or by email ( - and I’ll send you the joining details.

Thanks - and hope to see you there!


Please count me in for the meeting. Thanks!

Thanks @carly.robinson - invite on its way!

Hi. Can I attend even if I migh not contribute much? Thanks.

I would like to attend the meeting. Thank you!

Thanks @Nath and @studwells - I just sent you both an invitation and look forward to seeing you on April 7!

I’d love to attend as well, thanks!

Great thanks @john.aspler - invite will follow shortly!

Great @alicemeadows - would love to attend on the 7th! Thanks!

Thanks Kath - invite on its way!

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at our community meeting on Wednesday - there’s still time to sign up if you’re interested (9-10am ET on April 7 - just let me know here and I’ll send an invite). We’ll be spending most of our time talking about:

  • What’s working and what isn’t on the PID Forum?
  • Who else should be involved?
  • What does the community want/need from the Forum?
  • (Most importantly!) how can we make it happen?