Webinar: DataCite Commons - Discovering PIDs and the PID Graph

DataCite recently launched DataCite Commons, a new discovery service which allows you to conduct simple searches across different types of PIDs giving a comprehensive overview of the connections between entities. DataCite Commons has been released as a minimum viable product and will be developed in the future. This webinar will present the new service and provide the background to it, including the user driven requirements gathering and give an opportunity for feedback on how much it meets your needs and what else you would like it to do.


· What is DataCite Commons – Martin Fenner, DataCite, 10 mins

· What is happening next - Richard Hallett, DataCite, 10 mins

· What do you think: Feedback and Q&A - Frances Madden, British Library, 20 mins

Time: Sep 30, 2020 04:00 PM CEST

In the meantime, you can send feedback to support@datacite.org or post a reply to this topic.


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It is a bit too early for the West Coast, where will you post the recorded version?

It’s always hard to find a good time for these things! :slight_smile: We’ll post the recording on the FREYA YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ5Jp19cvtVLPxUB2WVO5CA

Excellent - thanks, Frances!


The recording of this webinar is now available on Youtube https://youtu.be/zFusYPt-8jw.

Excellent will be watching over the weekend, what entertainment!

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Not sure Richard, Frances and myself talking in a video is the typical weekend entertainment :slight_smile: . But please come back here with any questions or comments after watching.

The slide deck + recording have been uploaded to Zenodo: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4066391 - great!

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Still have some questions about the tool, for instance looking at https://commons.datacite.org/doi.org/10.14288/sockeye?query=10.14288%2Fsockeye, shall I reach out to you, Martin, directly?


I answered in a separate message thread that you started. Feel free to follow up in the PID Forum.