Version 2 draft of EOSC PID Policy now available!

Hi everyone,

Firstly, many thanks for all the feedback you gave us on the initial draft. We’ve made changes big and small. We’ve also passed some comments on to the next phase, which will be the development of the PID Implementation plan for the EOSC.

Version 2 is now available here, with a v2.0-specific DOI:

As before please continue to send thoughts and comments, either here or via email (

We are planning two virtual meetings to allow more in depth community discussion and feedback. The first will be in June, and I’ll hopefully post details of that next week!

Happy reading!


A date for your diaries!
12.00 UTC / 13.00 BST / 14.00 CEST Wednesday 10th June

This will be the date of the webinar to discuss this second version of the PID policy for the EOSC. While we confirm topics of discussion, please hold the date, and we’ll get info out ASAP!


Hello there,

First of all, I wish to congratulate you on this second version of the PID Policy.

I am writing to you regarding the glossary section. I don’t understand why in the Context section a series of PIDs are listed (DOI, ORCID, ARK, URN, etc.) and only DOI and Handle are mentioned in the glossary. I think you should make a little more effort to include all of them with a definition.

Many thanks,


Julien, thanks for spotting this - you’re right, we mention a number of other examples that we also need to add to glossary. This won’t and shouldn’t include an exhaustive list, but we’re currently missing those that mentioned earlier in the document.

Thanks, Rachael.

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You can now register for the virtual meeting to discuss Version 2 of the PID policy:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We’re not going to cover every single point in the policy, but will be picking one or two areas to discuss in detail.

Reply here to let me know what areas you’d like to be able to discuss with the community in more detail!


Thank you for your answer Rachael. Indeed, the glossary shouldn’t be too long but It’d be great if more acronyms could be spelled out and defined.

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick reminder to register for our virtual meeting on the EOSC PID policy that’s being held next week:

We now have an agenda!

  1. Introduction and update on the EOSC PID Policy (Rachael Kotarski, 5 min).
  2. Panel session covering links between the PID policy and wider work. We’ll hear from:
  • Raphael Ritz on the PID Implementation work arising from the EOSC Architecture working group
  • Francoise Genova on the relationship to EOSC Metrics and Certification
  • Juan Bicarregui on EOSC Rules of Participation
  • Jonathan Clark on view from PID services and suppliers
  1. Discussion among the panellists on topics arising (20 minutes)
  2. Continued discussion with questions and responses from attendees (40 min)

Session closes at 15.30 (CEST).

We’re collecting questions from attendees in advance, so if you have any, please post them here, or email them to:

Thanks to everyone who joined our meeting last week, and even bigger thanks to Maggie, Juan, Jonathan and Francoise for being excellent panelists.

For those who missed out, a recording is now available: