Using AlternateIdentifier or IsIdenticalTo

PREreview stores preprint reviews on Zenodo with Zenodo-issued DOIs.

For example:

We also host the review on the PREreview site, e.g.

The content is the same (in fact, PREreview reads the metadata and text from Zenodo).

I’m looking at ways to link the two. I’ve added text and a link to the description for humans; in terms of a machine-readable link, I can’t quite see if this should be represented as an AlternateIdentifier or an IsIdenticalTo relationship.

I’ve added an AlternateIdentifier initially, but after reading

it seems like IsIdenticalTo is also suitable; is there an expected difference between the two? Which one would be (more) suitable for our use?

The relationType IsIdenticalTo is meant to be used when the same content is hosted in multiple places, which seems to be your use case. Since the content is hosted on PREreview without a DOI, you could include a RelatedIdentifier in the Zenodo DOI metadata that points to the PREReview URL. This would result in XML like this:

<relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="URL" relationType="IsIdenticalTo" resourceTypeGeneral="PeerReview"></relatedIdentifier>

In contrast, AlternateIdentifier is intended to be an alternate identifier for the same content, hosted in the same place. For example, you could have both an accession number and a DOI for the same record. In your case, a RelatedIdentifier with relationType = “IsIdenticalTo” would be more suitable.

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Thanks, Kelly, that makes sense!