User story for linking a clinical study to associated data objects

ECRIN_XDC_Freya_user_story.docx (73.4 KB)


Christian, this is an important and interesting user story, and DataCite would be happy to help moving this forward. Linking persistent identifiers for scholarly resources in the PID Graph, and helping with developing widely adopted persistent identifiers where these do not yet exist, are key activities of FREYA.

As you say in your use case note, and we discussed this before, the current state of clinical trial identifiers is unsatisfactory, and it will be a lot of work to change that. I suggest we talk in more detail about this, and FREYA partners EMBL-EBI, Crossref and DataCite could contribute to this discussion.

Hi Christian, thanks for sharing the details here - agree with you and @mhfenner that improving on clinical trial identifiers is important. As a former editor at PLOS I’ve seen first-hand how difficult it continues to be to ensure evidence of clinical trial registration in all manuscripts reporting on trial outcomes. I now work alongside the Europe PMC team at EMBL-EBI and would be happy to help move this forward where relevant.