University outputs for discovery and re-use

From @ChrisVFerg on Wed Oct 17 2018 14:28:12 GMT+0000 (UTC)

“As a University
I want to represent my outputs in a future-proof manner (using PIDs)
So that people can find and reuse what we’ve created.”

Ambassadors Webinar - 16 Oct 2018

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Upvoting this one, and also adding context from Caltech: our Faculty have asked to develop a more managed approach to campus open educational resources (OERs) including whole classes that are taught online. Apparently our students continue to access the course sites after the term is over, particularly to rerun demonstration code, repeat exercises, etc.

We want to assign DOI’s to the compendium of content that is offered through the course site for ready and persistent access. Is the OER community doing this with either CrossRef or Datacite DOIs? Does either agency’s schema contain anything close to an OER? We want to adhere to any OER community standards in the event some of our courses/OER’s want to be added to OER clearinghouses beyond Caltech.

Thanks for considering, and very sorry to miss you all at PIDPalooza 2019!

Repositorian, I don’t know to what extend educational resources use DataCite DOIs, but it is certainly something that can be done. Most likely using ResourceTypeGeneral Text and Collection.

We miss you at PIDapalooza2019.