The Make Data Count Summit is back!

Make Data Count is pleased to announce the Make Data Count Summit 2024, a two-day meeting dedicated to responsible data metrics and the evaluation of open data usage and impact.

The Make Data Count Summit 2024 will be held in London UK on September 5-6 and will provide a forum for discussions about evidence-based data metrics and responsible assessment of open data.

Following on from the inaugural event in Washington last year, this second Make Data Count Summit will bring together representatives of the research and policy communities, data administrators, funders, policymakers, publishers and infrastructure providers for continued engagement across sectors on the topic of evidence-based data usage metrics. The program will foster a common understanding of existing data metrics and their use, showcase developments in infrastructure and practices supporting data metrics, and engage groups across policy, research, and research supporting organizations in the next steps towards evidence-based metrics and meaningful assessment of research data.

Register now and join us for this opportunity to advance responsible data assessment and data metrics. For more details about the event, as well as registration details, visit