The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has launched an online platform to connect members of the digital preservation community

The Digital Preservation Coalition exists to connect people and enable ever closer collaboration towards a shared global challenge; and yet we find ourselves with new and surprising advice about isolation and distancing. Isolation should not mean lack of solidarity.

From Thursday 19th March, starting with a session at 12:30 GMT, we’re launching a new platform called #DPConnect to provide an ongoing, online presence at regular intervals each day, run so that it is available at time zones around the world.

It is a chance to check in with each other and provide a social moment of interaction with peers and co-workers. The gatherings are not long, 30 minutes max, they have no agenda and no themes - although you are welcome to share work problems and challenges - or just check in with each other if you are struggling or feel isolated. Longer meetings can continue once others have left if required. We’ll use the hashtag #dpconnect when we discuss it on twitter.

If we succeed, the global digital preservation community will come out of this period of isolation better connected.

###Who can use #DPConnect?

  • DPConnect is available to everyone in the digital preservation community, DPC Members and non-members alike, provided all participants are respectful and supportive of one another and adhere to the DPC’s Inclusion and Diversity Policy (see more below).

How to #DPConnect?

  • #DPConnect will use the DPC’s online Zoom facility.
  • Choose from one or more of three daily sessions, Monday - Friday.
  • Connect by phone or web.
  • DPC members may access the sessions they would like to attend directly, by logging into the website to reveal the joining information.
  • Non-Members who would like to attend the sessions may request the joining information by clicking on their preferred timing below.
  • Re-usable meeting links: Pick your region or timezone and it will be the same meeting ID or URL each day.
  • Each session to be captained by a DPC Staff Member or volunteer (see Guidance for Sessions Captains and to volunteer please email