Survey of heritage awareness/use of PIDs

Hi all, our project ‘PIDs as IRO Infrastructure’ is doing a baseline survey on awareness and use of PIDs in the UK heritage sector:

If you work in a gallery, library, archive, museum or any other heritage location - big or small, we want to hear from you! Please fill out our survey so we can look at how best to support further use of PIDs across heritage organisations.

You can respond as an individual or on behalf of an organisation (or you can submit two responses, one for each!), and although the focus is on the UK, we’d still welcome responses more broadly from the heritage sector.

Not wanting to skew results we might get by posting in a PID-specific community: if you work in the heritage sector and could forward onto colleagues and organisations more generally, then please do.


This survey is going to close on 14 September so please complete it before then!

A final reminder this survey will close on Monday 14 September so please complete it before then! :slight_smile:

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