Survey of heritage awareness/use of PIDs: The difficult 2nd album

Hi everyone, Some of you might remember that last year we ran a survey of heritage and GLAM organisations to understand awareness and use of PIDs. We’re coming to the end of the project (HeritagePIDs) and so are re-running the - slightly updated - survey to see what’s changed in the last 18 months.

The survey is available HERE.

As before, we value any and all responses, so please do share with any colleagues you may have in galleries, libraries, archives and museums! You can respond as an individual, as well as organisation , and the intro page links to the question list for you to consult with colleagues before submitting any organisational responses.

EDIT: The survey is currently due to close on 1st November (2021).


We have extended the deadline for this survey until 8 November 2021, so please do encourage any colleagues in galleries, libraries, archives and museums to complete it. :smile:

Just flagging up to anyone who might be following this topic - the (virtual) final event for this project is next week! Registrations are still open, you can find out more information here: Heritage PIDs project final event - registration now open

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