Sub-categories within groups & fancy landing pages

At DataCite, we’re interested in possibly creating sub-categories and a fancy landing page for a particular group similar to the Knowledge Hub group Knowledge Hub - The PID Forum so that we can have organized static content as well as ongoing discussion. How could we go about this? Looking at the Discourse docs, it looks like wizard-level access may be needed to create sub-categories and change layouts.

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Tagging @griffey here as he’s much more expert than me on this sort of stuff :slight_smile: (thanks Jason!)

Hey all! I’m going to have to take a bit and dig into how this is done in Discourse…I’ll see what i can sort out ASAP and get back to you!

This is easier than i thought…it’s basically a setting in the Categories page. So what we’d need in place is a Category for the Main landing page, and then subcategories for the areas, and finally topics for each link you want under those subcategories. Does DataCite have someone in the Admin group? If so, they should be able to create categories/subcategories/topics, even if maybe I would need to toggle the setting on the main page.

Happy to help, i just don’t know the lay of the land for the categories and such you might want.

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Thanks @griffey!
@lizkrz - DataCite does have admin access. I’ve just consolidated your formerly three admins into a single one, which @Helena has details for - please let me know if you need anything else from us. And I look forward to seeing what you come up with - would be great if it could be a model for other groups :slight_smile: