Software Graph Hackathon - 4 December at British Library

FREYA and Software Sustainability Institute are holding a day long hackathon on 4 December to help us understand how persistent identifiers are used with software.

It is reasonably well known at this point that research software has value and should be treated as a citable output in research but how much software is actually cited and how does it relate to other types of research output? These are just a couple of questions which the Persistent Identifier (PID) Graph can help to answer. The PID Graph is a concept which provides an opportunity to discover the background and relationships between different types of research outputs including articles, datasets and software as well as their authors, organisations and funding.

Through an interactive session utilising existing access points to the PID Graph (e.g. GraphQL API, Jupyter Notebooks etc.) participants will try and see the connections and potential impacts of software in research.

The hackathon will take place at the British Library in Central London on 4 December 2019, but remote attendance will also be available. Places are limited so register early:

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