Share your PID slides!

Hi everyone, and happy new year!

As you know this year’s PIDapalooza is just around the corner, and we have a request for you! We will be running a series of PID 101 sessions on persistent identifiers for beginners - in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, as well as English.

The PID providers involved in organizing PIDapalooza - Crossref, DataCite, ORCID, and ROR - will each be providing a slide about their identifiers, and we’d like to invite any other PID providers out there who are interested to do the same. So, if your organization registers any type of open persistent identifier, and you’d like it to be included in these presentations, please send me your slide - or just the copy (here or at - asap. We’ll do our best to include as many as possible; the earlier we get them, the more likely they are to be included in time for PIDapalooza!

Please note that it’s just one slide per PID, plus your organization’s logo and URL. If you’d like to provide a short script as well, that would be great - there will be a maximum of one minute per slide so please do keep it brief!

We are planning to share the slide decks here after PIDapalooza, and to continue to update them and add new languages (volunteers welcome!) :slight_smile:

Thanks, Alice


Hi everyone, this is your last chance to share slides about your organization’s PIDs for inclusion in the PID 101 sessions at PIDapalooza! It’s a great opportunity to tell the world about your PID and why they should know about it. We’ll be very happy to continue collecting contributions post-PIDapalooza but, as the slide deck has to be translated, tomorrow is the absolute latest that we can guarantee inclusion. We’d love to hear from you! thanks, Alice