ROR Plugin for OJS

In our Intro to ROR webinar on 29 April 2020 we had several institutions asking for a ROR plugin for OJS.
The main functionality would be similar to any other editorial management system and would consist of allowing authors to select which institution they belong to via a text field (with auto-suggest functionality) or a drop-down box. This field would be fed with information from the ROR API.
Would your institution be interested in such a plugin the post the name of your institution in a reply or hit the “like” button.
Do you need other or additional functionality?


I submitted a request for a ROR plugin for OJS to PKP on GitHub. Comments, suggestions and thumbs up are welcome. :+1:

Please spread the word! :lion:

this is a very interesting functionality. Have you consider having the institution pre-filled based on the affiliation stated in the ORCID profile of the author?