Role-based contributors (vs Personal or Organisation)

We are trying to specify metadata for sensitive datasets. The points of contact will be role based e.g. “Institute of Health Studies Data Manager” rather than a specific human e.g. “John Woo”. The role is neither a specific human nor is it an Organisation.

Has anyone else specified something like this in the DataCite Schema in the Contributor field?

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Great question! I’m interested in hearing how others have handled this case.

You can also omit nameType because this attribute is optional:

<xs:attribute name="nameType" type="nameType" use="optional"/>

Thanks for your response! I see in the schema documentation (page 21), Personal is marked as default. Does this mean that if the field is omitted, Personal will be used?

I checked with our technical team, and if the field is omitted it will not be supplied; our systems do not add this field in automatically.

I think that “default” was intended to say that in most cases, users should default to “Personal” if they are unsure. I can confirm this with the DataCite Metadata Working Group and we will look into updating the schema documentation to be more clear.

Thanks for this information - it will be very useful.