REMINDER PIDfest 2024 Call for Proposals

Hi everyone, hopefully you’ve all seen the great news about PIDfest - a new conference for PID people that will take place at the Czech National Library of Technology in Prague on June 11-13. As Chair of the Program Committee, I wanted to remind you that we welcome your proposals for sessions on a wide variety of PID-related topics - from PID basics, to technical applications of PIDs, to PID strategies and policies, and more! The call for proposals will close on February 23, and you can find more information in the submission form. If you have any questions please feel free to tag me here or email me ( Thanks - I look forward to hearing your ideas!

ICYMI on social media, we ended up with 96 proposals for PIDfest, which is AMAZING! Many thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal - we are still aiming to get back to you by March 15 :slight_smile: