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Do you want to see how your data are connected to your researchers, your institution, and other research outputs? Join our webinar on Monday!!

The DataCite PID Graph - Monday, June 24, 2019 17:00 - 18:00 CET

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Persistent identifiers (PIDs) are not only important to uniquely identify a publication, dataset, or person, but the metadata for these persistent identifiers can provide unambiguous linking between persistent identifiers of the same type, e.g. journal articles citing other journal articles, or of different types, e.g. linking a researcher and the datasets they produced. Work is needed to connect existing persistent identifiers to each other in standardized ways, e.g. to the outputs associated with a particular researcher, repository, institution or funder, for discovery and impact assessment. Some of the more complex but still important use cases can’t be addressed by simply collecting and aggregating links between two persistent identifiers.

To address these use cases we need a more complex model to describe the resources that are identified by PIDs, and the connections between them: a graph. In this webinar, we will show the PID Graph DataCite has developed in the context of project FREYA and explore whether this PID Graph meets your use cases.