Predatory PIDs?

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Since I am still fairly new to the PID business, I was wondering, whether anyone else has already come across this page here: What is EOI ??
When you open a random paper from their page, it then says “EOI/DOI” on the landing page (e.g. Mobile Technology in Management of Field-Based Learning in Geography: An Analysis of NIEmGeo|Research Paper|Indexing|Impact factor). Curious to hear, what you think of this.

Thanks a lot already in advance!

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Tagging @Jonathan_DOI here as he may be able to help

Hi @eharder I have not seen this before, thanks for sharing. It looks to me like the company - Citefactor - is issuing DOIs but badging them as EOIs which they are selling as a unique and much needed product that you can only get from them. The EOI badge looks like a merge between ORCID and DOI logo’s. I’m not sure if this is the right interpretation but it looks very dodgy to me.

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I agree - this looks shady. I have never heard of anyone using the term “EOI” – it seems to just be a term that “CiteFactor” made up but they are really talking about DOIs? My guess is they are trying to get researchers to buy DOIs from them but they are just calling them EOIs? In any case, when I looked into this myself, from what I can tell CiteFactor is a scam. For example:

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Hi @NatashaS, thanks a lot for your opinion on this!

Thank you very much for your opinion and additional research on this, @sheila.rabun!