PIDs of the World Unite!

The PID IG will host a breakout session at the upcoming virtual RDA Plenary (20-23 April 2021) entitled PIDs of the World Unite!

The Topics to be covered include:

An introduction to PID IG for newcomers
Why we need to be more inclusive
Establishing a national PID Policy in the UK
Cobaltmetrics: URI transmutation!
ORCID: Focus on Asia
PID for Instruments
The PID Alliance
PIDs: The view from Japan
Discussion on how can we encourage wider participation beyond the usual suspects?

There’s more information available here:

The session is open to anyone who registers for the RDA Plenary (sorry this isn’t free)

We will be running the session twice. Firstly on Wednesday, April 21st at 10:15 to 11:45 UTC and again on Thursday, April 22nd at 23:00 to 00:30 UTC.

I will be posting notes from the sessions on the PID Forum

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Looking forward to this session and the chance to give a lightning talk on the Forum, along with @joshb @ChristopherCB @Luc @ritsuko.nakajima Estelle Cheng, and Markus Stocker - tomorrow (April 21) at (eek!) 6.15am ET and Thursday (April 22) at 7pm ET. If you’re attending the RDA Plenary please come along - hope to see you there!

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