PIDs for video files in academic film archive

Dear all!
Our institution, Karolinska Institutet University LIbrary, produces and hosts an academic film archives consisting of 700 hours of documentary film depicting the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Parts of the archive is fully open to everyone and parts are limited to researchers and students affiliated with an academic institution and on basis of their research projects.

We would like to make the archive more visible and citable and are considering adding PIDs to each video file in the archive. Could somone in the PID-forum provide some pointers? How would we go about? Which PID would be best suited for the purpose? Where do we deposit metadata? Would these PIDs be tracked for events data automatically or would we have to set up a feed to the events data bus?

More information on the archive, Face of Aids, can be found at:

Any advise would be apriciated.

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Hello Henrik:

We assign DOIs to all our unique Library-managed digital assets here at the University of British Columbia -, including our video and audio files.

We have almost 10,000 videos with DOIs minted and resolving with Datacite API -*&p=0&sort=0&view=0&circle=n&dBegin=&dEnd=&c=1&type=Moving%20Image

Happy to provide more information and background if you want to reach out directly.


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The TIB AV Portal is a repository dedicated to academic films, and they use DataCite DOIs.

DataCite DOI metadata have the category Audiovisual for the resourceTypeGeneral, you can find about 75k resources in DataCite Search using this query.


Hi Martin!
Thank you for your response! My understanding for TIB AV Portal is that all materials in the archive is made available open access. Is this correct? In the Face of Aids archive we have different levels of access in order to safe guard sensitive information about people depicted in the films. This may apply to e.g. children, peolple in vulnerable situations and people who risk persecution in their home countries. For this reason we cannot make the complete material accessible under a CC-BY license, while parts of the archive is openly available. I guess depositing metadata directly with DataCite setting the access levels in the metadata would be a better fit for us?

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Henrik, I suggest you talk to the people from the AV portal directly, let me know if you need an introductory email. I am sure that the conversation will be helpful even if you have to do some things differently. And you can absolutely use DOIs for content with access restrictions.