PIDs for People

Authors, researchers and creators of works are identified online via a wide range of PID schemes including:

International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI)


Web of Science ResearcherID

arXiv Author ID

Microsoft academic research ID

RePec Author Service


PubMed Author ID

Mendeley Profiles

Google Scholar Profiles


JISC Names [service now archived]

ORCiD ID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a type of PID compatible with ISNI which has been designed specifically for the research community. It is issued by the open, non-profit, community-driven organisation known as ORCiD, one of the FREYA project partners.

Researchers registered with an ORCiD ID can use the ORCiD registry’s transparent linking mechanism to pull in data from other persistent identifier platforms (such as for publications, funding bodies, websites, datasets, researchers and research institutions) and create their own verifiable research profile. ORCiD provides an API to support system-to-system communication and authentication.

The many relationships identified through the ORCiD registry result in a more satisfactory discovery process for those seeking research findings, as well as more efficient distribution of research funding and stronger collaboration within the research community.

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