PIDs for journal publishers

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I’m promoting the use of PIDs internally at BMJ. We are certainly aware of DOIs for research articles, and ORCIDs (we use ORCIDs to push information about reviews directly to ORCID).

Aside from these, what are the other key PIDs that we should learn about, and integrate with?

Also, in terms of PIDs, is there a good resource to get a sense of how many PIDs of different kinds there are?

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Hi Ian! :wave:

Are you already using an identifier for author affiliations? Happy to chat about ROR IDs any time. There is also a publisher adoption group focused on ROR if you’re interested in hearing from others working on this.


As with many publishers, we are using Ringold, but I have introduced our head of data and our content architect to RORI.

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Hi All, I wrote up a short blog post on this topic yesterday - why publishers should care about persistent identifiers (PIDs) ?

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Thanks for writing this up and sharing it @IanMulvany - I’m tagging @Kathburton15 as I know she’s also looking at PIDs for publishers so I’m sure she will be interested :slight_smile: (others too, of course!)

Fab, Alice - thanks for the nudge! Adding @IanMulvany 's piece to tomorrow’s reading :+1:t2:

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