PIDForum site update

Hello all! This is Jason, your friendly neighborhood NISO Staff member. Sometime in the next day or so, there may be a very brief blip in PIDForum service…there’s some network-side cleanup that needs to happen, and one side effect is that there could be a brief interruption of service while the domain name system catches up to us. This is complicated by the fact that domain propagation is a dark art, understood by few and mastered by none, and we are collectively at the whims of Internet vagaries.

Rest assured, though, that any downtime will be brief and fixed quickly. The forum will continue, and in the best case scenario you won’t even realize there was a change, and my warning here will have been unnecessary.

I’ll update this thread once everything is settled and in place so that everyone is aware.

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As everyone has noticed, the site still isn’t at the proper domain name…i will be writing up a full debrief of the issue, because it’s a doozy (and i say that with 25 years of IT management and support under my belt). We are crawling towards a solution, but are waiting on the gods of DNS to reconcile some things at levels of infrastructure that I have no access to.

More info ASAP!

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Everything should be back in working order now! It may take a little time for all the settings to shake out, but at this point works should redirect to should redirect to

If anyone notices anything out of the ordinary, please leave a note here and I will dig into the issue asap.

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