PID Graph GraphQL Example Software Citation

User story

As a High-Energy Physics (HEP) researcher, I want to know which results/paper has been produced with which software.

  softwares(query: "subjects.subject:HEP") {
    years {
    nodes {
      titles {
      descriptions {

Related GitHub issues from 2018 FREYA workshop:

I guess this is rather difficult to do. When I try it for HEP, I get 8 results which cannot be true. I wonder where the discipline classification comes from for the objects that are returned?

Also, does this really answer the “which results/paper has been produced with which software” question? It’s more like how many HEP software pieces are there & citations.

The use of the subject classification in DataCite metadata is really inconsistent, and I don’t expect to see many results right now.

Maybe it is better to rewrite the query to address the second part, looking for links between data and software.