PID Graph for Climate analytics datasets and workflow

Hi everyone,

currently, I am working on an EOSC project that aims to provide computing services and platforms for the climate community. Our work also includes among others functionalities to enhance traceability, provenance and reproduceability of data, code and workfows (jupyter notebooks). Initial proof-of-concept example are already available. At some point, we also make use of DataCite metadata schema when assigning PIDs.

After reading this article, I believe that the PID Graph is a nice feature to add/integrate in order to show the link between all participating entities in the workflow lifecycle.

Is there a starting documentation or best practices on how to tackle this?




Using Juypter notebooks and GraphQL APIs is fairly new, so we need to generate more documentation and training. There is documentation for the DataCite GraphQL API here, and I can recommend the DataCite webinar on PID Graph next Monday as starting points. We can of course always set up a call to discuss this in more detail, as we are of course very interested in helping other EOSC projects taking advantage of this infrastructure.

Thank you for the quick reply. I am going to take a look at DataCite use case. A call is also a good idea to further discuss this.