Persistent Identifiers and the Humanities

Hi all,

I’d like to share with you a few resources created by and for Arts and Humanities (A&H) projects and research infrastructures where PID are addressed. PID practices are increasingly becoming a recurrent topic of investigation in A&H community, and are often mentioned as part of best practices for FAIR Data and Open Science.

The list below doesn’t aim to be exhaustive, but just a starting point to collect interesting readings on PID for the Arts and Humanities.

  1. The PARTHENOS Guidelines to FAIRify data management and make data reusable
    This compact guide offers twenty guidelines to align the efforts of data producers, data archivists and data users in humanities and social sciences to make research data as reusable as possible based upon the FAIR Principles. Each guideline has recommendations for both researchers and archives as it is recognised that different priorities may apply to each case.

  2. Open Access guidelines for the arts and humanities: recommendations by DARIAH
    The Sixth commitment is dedicated to persistent identifiers.

  3. CLARIN Persistent Identifier Service
    and the CLARIN PID FAQ Page