Persistent identifier jokes, fun, humor?

Does anyone here know persistent identifier jokes? There hardly seem to be any. People could start to see us as a very serious community.
(It is also hard to find archivist humor. At least librarians love a good joke, they always get the reference.)
Please share your persistent identifier jokes, fun, humor.

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Why did the DOI refuse to go on a date with the metadata? Because it was worried of getting too much information

I asked Bard, this is what it came up with:

Why did the DOI, ORCID, and ROR go to the bar?
To get a drink and unwind after a long day of being persistent!

Not half bad :dart:

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Persistent identifiers have it tough. Even when they have nothing to show, the show must go on.

Why did the PID cross the road? It saw a crosswalk. PIDs love crosswalks, what can I say?

I knew an identifier that struggled for years. People enjoyed working with it. It had great metadata like a title, authors…even a type. But it had never gotten a date. But finally one day, it did. And you want to know why? Because it was persistent.