ORCID Statistics?

it’s hard for me to find sources about ORCID statistics. Sure there are websites like:

But they mostly only show absolute numbers, like growing new ORCID-iD profiles in country X. I kind of like to know things like:

  • relative numbers of ORCID iD profiles in research institutions (How many people in an institution have an ORCID iD?)
  • What is the total number of ORCID iDs?
  • How many profiles are empty (ghost profiles?)
  • How many profiles are duplicates?
  • How many profiles have enriched data? (are actively used)

I guess, for the first question there exist presentations by institutions, but I can’t find any.

And for the later questions I found the ORCID dump files:

But did anyone do research on this files?

Or are there any other puplished results how good ORCID performs?