New ROR registry update

We are excited to announce a new update to the ROR registry! ROR now includes IDs and metadata for 102,559 organizations. Read the release announcement for more details.

This is a long-awaited update and we appreciate everyone’s patience and support while we worked toward this milestone!

Technical notes about this release:

This release includes new and updated records listed in the release notes.

Both the API and data dump have been updated. The latest data dump is available on Zenodo:

Prior to this release, ROR releases were synced to GRID. As announced last year, GRID has now sunset their public data offering, and this ROR release does not include a corresponding GRID ID for every ROR ID.

To reflect the divergence from GRID, semantic versioning has been implemented. This release is v1.0. The data model has not changed, and future releases that include only new/updated records will be incremented as minor versions (ex: v1.1, v1.2, etc). Read more about ROR data versioning.

New releases will continue approximately quarterly, and both are typically updated on the same day (ie: the API is currently not updated more frequently than the data dump). Releases will be announced here and through other ROR channels, like Twitter. You can also watch for releases in the ror-updates Github repository.

Curation requests are reviewed continuously and approved requests are held for deployment in the next release. You can follow requests under review/in process in the ROR updates tracker.

Check out our support site for more information and, as always, please post here or email with any questions.


Very excited to see this! Congratulations to the ROR team.

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Congrats to ROR for the great work! :lion:

Related to the diversion of ROR from Grid and to ORCID including ROR IDs into its search API, I opened an issue for the FREYA PID Graph / Datacite Commons and hope these new developments will be included there as well: include ROR ID in ORCID search · Issue #793 · datacite/lupo · GitHub

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