New PID Guide live, updated and now with ARKs

Dear PID enthusiasts,

This is to let you know, that a new version of the PID Guide is live at This ‘voting compass’ for persistent identifiers “helps you learn and think about important PID subjects, and guides your first steps towards selecting a PID system”.

Funded by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network, we updated the PID information on the website, and added ARKs to the PID Guide. It now includes ARK, DataCite DOI, Handle System and URN:NBN. Colleagues from the ARK Alliance, TU Delft Library (DataCite Netherlands), SURF, KB national library, DANS and DDHN helped us achieve this result. ‘We’ are the digital preservation team of the National Archives of the Netherlands, who maintain the PID Guide website.

The PID Guide is intended for the Dutch digital heritage sector, but you can use the PID Guide Toolkit, a kind of PID Guide SDK, to create a version for your situation. The toolkit (ZIP) is available from