New Blog Post: ORCIDs in the Wild

Dear All

After recent discussions in our community about how researchers occasionally having more than one ORCID iD and other examples where good practice is not always followed, these issues have been written up in a blog. In it, you can find out all about:

ORCIDs in the Wild: A Field Guide to the Popular Persistent Identifier

The blog looks at ORCID iD good practice, where there may be too many (or too few!) and has some suggestions for advocacy and training, as well as pointers to relevant material from ORCID.

Feel free to add a comment if you have any thoughts on the matter or additonal experience.

If you’d like to get in touch directly, we can be contacted at – put make sure to put “ORCID” in the subject line.

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Nice description of several common ORCID challenges. Surprised that you missed one that I see quite a bit of, the “Hidden ORCID”, someone has an ORCID but the metadata is hidden… Very frustrating…