New Blog: Introducing the PID Services Registry

Datacite is pleased to announce the launch of the new persistent identifier (PID) services registry available at (, a new service to find services built upon different PIDs from core technology providers and those who integrate from across a variety of disciplinary areas. This is a combined effort across multiple organizations as part of the EC-funded FREYA project grant (777523) with the aim of furthering discoverability of PIDs and the services that are built upon them.

If you are interested in more information or to register a service here, please contact DataCite support. We will also be planning a webinar to introduce the PID services registry on July 8th at 11am CEST. More info and registration will follow soon.

You can read the full blog post here: and here:


I love it!

Any plans to make data searchable by PID scheme (e.g. DOI, ORCID) rather than the more generic PID types that are currently available (e.g. person, dataset)? It would be very helpful to see which services are available for specific use cases.

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