N2t.net not resolving ark addresses from recently posted material on archive.org

Not sure if this is a useful place to post this, but nothing uploaded to archive.org since at least 16 November 2021 has a working ark address. n2t.net returns a page not found error. I’ve tried contacting n2t.net and archive.org but can’t get a response from a human.

Here’s one example - the archive.org url works, the ark address does not.


Is is possible to find out what’s going on? Is there a way to contact a human? Is this the right place to ask questions like these?

Answering my own question - I received some help from the ARK Alliance who indicate that there might be some issues for a few days as “the Internet Archive (IA) is in the middle of transitioning to a new way of creating and resolving ARKs.” Thanks!