Multiple relationTypes?

Is there a way for someone to designate more than one relationType for a given relatedIdentifier?

Let’s say someone wants to indicate that a published article has a relationship to a dataset being deposited. It looks to me from the metadata schema that they are only able to designate a single relationType term for that identifier, even if the dataset is cited by, is referenced by, is a supplement to, and is described by that publication.

Is it considered best practice to choose only the best term for that identifier, or can you list that identifier multiple times, each with a single different relationType?

I worry about users of our repository getting stuck trying to decide between some sometimes very similar options if they can only choose one.


Yes - you can list the identifier multiple times, each with a single different relationType!

For types that are considered citations or references, we ensure these are not counted more than once. More info on how these are interpreted is available on our Consuming Citations and References page (see the box, “What happens if I add more than one related identifier that produces a citation (or reference)?” You may also want to check out our support docs for Contributing Citations and References.