Multiple DOIs for multiple formats?

Does DataCite have a recommendation on handling multiple formats of a given work? Would the same DOI be used for all formats or a distinct DOI for each format type? For example: a text with PDF and EPUB versions.

I’ve gone through the support docs and wasn’t able to find any guidance to this effect. Would appreciate any insights on recommended best practices in this area!

Hi Maria,

I think this documentation might be helpful : Versioning

Individual stewards need to determine which are major vs. minor versions of the content being shared.

For a new major version, which might be appropriate here, a new DOI can be assigned and in the DataCite schema it looks like isVariantFormOf could be a suitable relationType for different formats.

Alternatively, if the landing page contains the different formats, then there may only be a need to follow the minor version procedure, as outlined in the docs.

Hope that helps.


In addition to what @Mary_Hirsch said about versions, different formats (e.g. PDF and ePub) should all use the same DOI. Assuming this is the same content, using different representations.

Thank you @mhfenner and @Mary_Hirsch!