Let's talk about our Persistent Identifier policies

Dear PID Forum Members,

The National Archives of the Netherlands are working on a new persistent identifier (PI) policy. We would like to learn from your PI policies and experiences.

Why do you provide PI’s? Which PI system did you choose? At what level(s) of granularity to you mint PI’s? (At the level of the collection or archive, also at the level of books and files, or perhaps even at the level of cells, words, persons, etc.?) For which things do you use a PI system like the Handle System, and for which things Linked Open Data URI’s? What does your PI management process look like? How do you inform your visitors about PI’s? Etc.

If you are interested in having a talk with us about these topics, please let us know and we’ll contact you. Respond here, or e-mail me at Remco.van.Veenendaal@nationaalarchief.nl. As my vacation starts this Friday, please cc my colleague Ed de Heer: Ed.deHeer@nationaalarchief.nl. Please respond before the end of July.

Kind regards,

Remco van Veenendaal
Digital Preservation Officer
National Archives of the Netherlands

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