Launching the PID Forum at PIDapalooza 2019

We’re exited to announce the official launch of the PID Forum during the PIDapalooza festival, taking place 23-24 January 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. If you’re going to PIDapalooza, join our interactive PID Forum session on the first day (Wednesday) at 2pm, where we will ask the audience for their involvement in starting up the PID Forum and making it a success. We will discuss what kind of topics and information to include on the forum, how to make the PID Forum as global and inclusive as possible, how to best engage the wider community, and more.

You can read more information about the session here and you can find the PIDapalooza schedule here.


Many thanks to the PIDapalooza crowd for your excellent ideas for the PID Forum so far :slightly_smiling_face: We received some very useful input during the interactive session yesterday (and during the meeting in general). Slides of the presentation can now be found on Zenodo, these include your answers to our questions about the forum!

Link to the presentation: