Job Posting: ROR Metadata Curation Lead

The Research Organization Registry (ROR – is a community-led registry of open, sustainable, usable, and unique identifiers for every research organization in the world. ROR is looking for a metadata curation lead to coordinate registry updates and maintenance, work with ROR’s community curation advisors, and develop and implement long-term curation policies and practices. This is an exciting time to join the ROR team and support ROR’s emerging independent, community-based curation model.

The job description and application instructions are available at ROR

(1) Coordinate community-based curation processes

  • Triage incoming requests to prepare for community review
  • Oversee community review process to make sure requests are reviewed in a timely and accurate manner
  • Optimize curation workflow as needed to improve experience for requestors and community curators
  • Maintain guidance and documentation for community curators
  • Schedule and facilitate regular curator meetings
  • Onboard and offboard community curators

(2) Coordinate registry updates

  • Maintain regular schedule of registry updates
  • Identify which updates will be in a given release
  • Prepare metadata for records being added to or updated in ROR
  • Work with curators handling metadata records
  • Ensure metadata records pass validation/QA
  • Review and test release candidates
  • Deploy changes to production via Github-based workflow
  • Publish release notes and announce releases to users
  • Make public data dump available on Zenodo
  • Gather data and generate reports on curation processes to track volume, turnaround times, types of requests, etc.

(3) Metadata management and QA

  • Maintain schema documentation and metadata policies
  • Analyze current registry data to identify opportunities for metadata QA and future improvements
  • Work with ROR’s development team on schema updates and metadata clean-up

(4) Community engagement

  • Respond to support questions about curation policies and release timelines
  • Provide updates at community calls and webinars
  • Collect feedback from community to inform curation policies and process

The job description and application instructions are available at ROR Please consider applying or help spread the word to your networks.
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