Introducing the Research Data Alliance PID Interest Group (RDA PID IG)

Triggered by the PIDapalooza session just now, I thought I would quickly introduce the RDA PID Interest Group here. The PID IG is the cross-pollination place for PID initiatives within and beyond RDA. The purpose of the Group is to synchronize identifier-related efforts, address important and emerging PID-related topics and coordinate activities to support practical solutions for PID-related issues from the engaged communities.

The target audience for the IG covers a wide cross-section of the RDA community. Indeed, anyone who is engaged in producing, storing, management and preservation of data should care about PIDs. In practice, the group appeals most to organisations that provide PID services to the international research community and organisations that implement or otherwise use PIDs

The PID IG has become well established as the place at RDA to come to learn about PID initiatives. We have run sessions at all the recent RDA Plenary Meetings. The next Plenary is April 20-23, 2021 and it will be fully virtual. We have submitted a proposal for a session there. I’ll do a separate post on that.

The PID Interest Group is currently managed by myself (Jonathan Clark) and Adrian Burton as co-chairs. We are looking for a third co-chair to join us and to reflect a diversity of perspectives among the co-chairs.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions

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PS Here’s the link to the IG on the RDA site:

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Thanks @Jonathan_DOI - I’ll follow up separately about potential opportunities for the PID IG and the PID Forum to collaborate!