How was your PIDapalooza?

It was great to see so many PID people from all over the world!

What were the highlights for you? I especially loved some of the plenaries (Adriana Romero-Olivares, Katherine Skinner, Juan Pablo Alperin, and @Kakaiser were all standouts for me :star_struck:) - and there were so many great parallel sessions! I’m also really pleased that we included non-English sessions too - would love to hear how they went (big thanks to @Anaheredia @p.cardoso @paloma.marin.arraiza @britta.dreyer @gabioshka @nobuko & Estelle from ORCID for leading those!).

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and would love to hear your feedback (good and bad!) before our debriefing next Thursday…


Such a great event! Last year’s PIDapalooza was my first time attending and it was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The talks, interactive sessions, activities, and community make it such a special event.

Even though we were virtual this year, you were still able to capture that magic! I loved that there were non-English sessions and that being virtual allowed others to attend who might otherwise not have been able. I’m still hoping for in person PIDapaloozas in the future, but it would be great if there was also virtual participation.

All of the talks I attended were wonderful! I particularly enjoyed:

  • Research projects: the fulcrum of the research world from Fiona Murphy and @NatashaS
  • Identifier Politics - On Trust and PIDs from Katherine Skinner
  • You shoulda put a PID on it: Leveraging the PID Graph for DMPs from @chodacki @kristian @maria.praetzellis and Brian Riley
  • Research Funders: as both beneficiaries and enables of change from Maria Cruz and @tatum

It was my first PIDapalooza. I have learned there are more than 1,000 PID experts in the world, amazing!

It is usually difficult for us to have more than one person attend an overseas conference due to our work schedule and travel expenses. This year my colleagues and I joined this conference together, and shared the topics and our thoughts right after the sessions. It was a great experience!

That’s so great to hear! Thanks - and welcome to the PID Forum, let’s keep in touch here in between PIDapaloozas :slight_smile:

I missed the first and last you mention @carly.robinson but agree on You shoulda put a PID on it was great too!

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Great post @carly.robinson - it was good to see you in person at last year’s PIDapalooza and virtually this year. I agree there were so many terrific sessions!

I’m glad you enjoyed my research projects presentation with Fiona Murphy. I’ve posted the slides to Zenodo in the PIDapalooza 21 community space -


Great! But missing human contact. Well, this was slightly balanced by so many people around the world attending. Another problem, all the missing sessions due to family requiring me some time… and bed calling…


I am still fairly new to the whole PID topic. So, I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. Though, I have to admit that after those 24 hours I was quite exhausted. I think trying to not miss a session and simultaniously trying to communicate with people in Slack made it a bit stressfull for me. But to be honest, I wouldn’t know how to organize it any different and maybe next time I just take a few more sessions off to concentrate on talking to people.

I also appreciate it a lot that so much effort is put into making the atmosphere welcoming for newbies and people with different personal and professional backgrounds.

All in all I emerged motivated from PIDapalooza to become more active in the PID-community. Not so sure how exactly I can contribute yet. But let this first post of mine be a start :slight_smile:

Welcome @JulianF, we are very happy that you’re part of our community!
Yes, PIDapalooza was quite full on - did you do the full 24 hours? If so, you deserve a medal!
Please do stay engaged and look out for a survey here soon, which we would love you to participate in.
Thanks, Alice

Thanks! I would like to accept that medal, but I didn’t do the complete 24 hours - almost though.
Ok, will stay tuned for that survey :slight_smile:

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Hello all, here is the survey link to give feedback on PIDapalooza21. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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Calling all #PIDapalooza21 attendees - don’t forget to share your feedback via this survey!