Help shape the PID scheme for Digital Extended Specimens, June 15 - July27

The ability of machines to process Digital extended Specimen (DS) data depends on trustworthy, reliable PIDs for those DS. The challenge is not the choice of identifier scheme for DS, for which DOIs are proposed by DiSSCo but that there is presently no adequate global scheme for assigning and recording DOIs for DS, making this an issue for consultation within the global bio/geodiversity community.

Beginning June 15, 2021 the alliance for biodiversity knowledge is convening a second phase of consultation in which the Persistent identifier (PID) scheme(s) for Digital extended Specimens is one topic that will be consulted on and discussed.

You are invited to contribute.

The consultation will be carried out using the GBIF Discourse platform. There is an entry page for phase 2 of the consultation that provides background information, as well as links to each separate topic of the consultation. If you do not already have a user account on the GBIF Discourse platform, you will need to create one so that you can add comments to the topic(s). You can find a ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of the screen.

On the entry page you will find links (Session 1/2 registration) allowing you to register for one of the two virtual introductory session webinars that will be given on June 15th, marking the opening of the consultation period.

The coordinating team for the consultation (Andrew Bentley (BCoN), Libby Ellwood (iDigBio), Alex Hardisty (DiSSCo), Joe Miller (GBIF), and Jyotsna Pandey (AIBS)) under the umbrella of the Alliance for Biodiversity Knowledge and on behalf of the global bio/geodiversity science and informatics communities welcomes contributions.