Format of relatedIdentifier: ARK, arXiv, and ISNB

Table 8: Description of relatedIdentifierType in Appendix 1 to the documentation of the DataCite Metadata Schema 4.4 (DataCite Metadata Working Group, 2021, pages 54-57) gives some examples of related identifiers. As a rule, the form of the identifiers given in these examples corresponds to what calls Sample ID (LUI). Here are som examples:

relatedIdentifier (example): 10.1016/j.epsl.2011.11.037

relatedIdentifier (example): IECUR0097

relatedIdentifier (example): 0077-5606

However, for the identifier types ARK, arXiv, and ISNB, the format of the DataCite examples differs from the format of the Sample ID (LUI):

ID Type DataCite
ARK ark:/13030/tqb3kh97gh8w /53355/cl010066723
arXiv arXiv:0706.0001 0807.4956v1
ISNB 978-3-905673-82-1 9781584885658

Therefore, I wonder which format DataCite recommends for these identifier types:

  • ARK: with or without “ark:”?
  • arXiv: with or without “arXiv:”?
  • ISBN: with or without “-”?



DataCite Metadata Working Group. (2021). DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation for the
Publication and Citation of Research Data and Other Research Outputs. Version 4.4. DataCite e.V.

Hi @Philipp, thanks for raising this and outlining the differences from the Sample ID (LUI) format.

We don’t enforce a specific format for RelatedIdentifiers based on the relatedIdentifierType. I took a look at our existing metadata and found that ARK is a mixed bag, but arXiv and ISBN are largely consistent with the DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation examples:

We’ve discussed whether to add validation by relatedIdentifierType to ensure consistent formatting, or to add normalization, but do not have concrete plans yet. If we do, we’ll certainly look at whether to change the format from our examples. For now, I would recommend sticking with the example format from the DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation to maximize consistency with our existing metadata.

Hi @KellyStathis, sorry for the late response (I only now realized that email notifications were muted in my PID Forum settings).

Thanks for addressing the issue and for your recommendation. Sticking with the example format from the DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation make sense to me, so I’ll adapt our repository depositor and curator guidelines correspondingly.

Best, Philipp