FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Series - The role of Repositories in enabling Persistent Identifier (PID) Graphs

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FAIRsFAIR is organizing a webinar on The role of Repositories in enabling Persistent Identifier (PID) Graphs as part of their FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Series.

April 21, 2021 14:30-15:30 CET

Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) play a central role in the FAIR ecosystem. PIDs enable the unique identification of digital entities and provide a way for us to refer to entities in a persistent way. The power of PIDs is amplified when they are connected with each other, creating a PID Graph. This webinar will dive into the concept of the PID Graph and their usefulness for repositories. You will hear about the PID Graph developments that have taken place in the context of the EOSC through the FREYA project as well as within the RDA Interest Group on Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data. Finally, the webinar will close with an outlook on the work being done to support PID Graphs and the ongoing and upcoming activities taking place in the FAIRsFAIR project. This webinar is the first of our series to support repositories to become more FAIR-enabling.

More information and registration can be found on this webpage.

Hope to see many of you then!
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