FAIRPoints-Enhancing Sample Provenance and Experimental Reproducibility

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Registration: FAIRPoints-Enhancing Sample Provenance and Experimental Reproducibility
Lack of reliable information about sample usage, location, provenance, metadata and experimental use is a core barrier to experimental reproducibility and general FAIRification of data. This presentation will describe how these issues are being addressed in the design and development of a sample management module within the RSpace electronic lab notebook , focusing on three specific challenges: (1) Incorporating sample data into experimental documentation; (2) Associating PIDS like IGSNs and RRIDS into sample metadata; and (3) Export of sample metadata in required formats to different domain repositories and databases.

FAIRPoints is an event series highlighting pragmatic measures developed by the community towards the implementation of the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles, in collaboration with GoFAIR US, SDSC, AGU, and SciLifeLab Data Centre.

Speaker: Rory Macneil