Expected periodicity of updates

We are currently adding ROR as a very reliable source for organizations data. How often is the data dump updated? Are breaking changes expected in the schema of the JSON file?
Thanks from Tenerife (Spain)!

Hi @javiruiz,

Glad to hear that you’re using ROR! The data dump is typically updated approximately quarterly in ROR Data | Zenodo, however the past year has been a transition period as GRID sunset its public offering. ROR previously synchronized updates with GRID, and we coordinated 1 final synchronized updated in Sept 2021. ROR is now diverging from GRID, and our next release is coming the next few weeks. After that, we plan to return to the quarterly schedule.

You won’t see breaking changes in the schema (at least not without a long notice period and a change in version number). Developing a versioning policy is among our next projects, and we’ll be looking for feedback from the community on that soon. Join our tech support list for the latest news and calls for input on tech topics. We also have a general ROR mailing list for updates about all things ROR (both technical and non-technical).

Thanks for your swift and detailed reply, @lizkrz !

I already joined the tech support list, as you recommended.
One last thing, we have noticed some Grid ids that are not present in ROR. Where should I report this issue (if there is one)?

Great, happy to help! The last GRID release in Sept 2021 (GRID - Global Research Identifier Database and at
) is exactly synchronized with the current ROR data (both contain 102,392 records). In previous GRID releases, the synchronization was 1 release off between GRID and ROR, so each GRID release was missing some ROR IDs. Previously, GRID provided ROR with its latest release, we ingested it and assigned ROR IDs and then provided that information back to GRID for inclusion in its next release. I hope that helps! If the issue you’ve found is with the current GRID release, or seems different from what I’ve described, you can report it here for now Issues · ror-community/ror-api · GitHub (we are in the process of setting up a central feedback repository and project boards in Github, but that’s not quite ready to share yet).