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Hi everyone,

I am looking for institutions that have integrated with DSpace either using the API or exporting metadata to then upload to Fabrica DOI Digital Object Identifier - DSpace 6.x Documentation - LYRASIS Wiki

  • The current XSLT is based on v.3 of the DataCite metadata schema, and I’m wondering if anyone has adapted it for the most recent version, so metadata could be more easily exported to the most recent schema for upload to Fabrica?
  • Any additional insight on using the API set-up for DSpace would also be appreciated.
  • Also, how are you handling the use of both a handle and DOI in DSpace? What dc.identifier tag are you using for DOI? (dc.identifier.uri? dc.identifier.other?..)
  • Is it possible to create a DOI in Fabrica first, then import the metadata into DSpace?

I’ll take any information you all might have to share.

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Hi Sheila,

Maybe others from this group will comment on their own use cases but I wanted to share
this related thread on the dspace tech support list DSpace Tech Support - DOI DATACITE schema 4.1 and a PR to update at least to v4 DS-3427: Update DataCite crosswalk to version 4.0 by PhilipVis · Pull Request #2321 · DSpace/DSpace · GitHub, in case this is helpful for others.

Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you Mary. I have had most of my questions answered since I made the initial post. I would still love to hear from any others who are using DSpace and DataCite DOIs, and would like to let everyone know that:

  1. If you are a DSpace user, please consider testing/reviewing and leaving feedback on the pull request to update the metadata crosswalk: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/pull/2321 - the more reviews and feedback, the faster it will be merged.
  2. DSpace does have a dc.identifier.doi tag that can be added to the submission form as well as the simple metadata view for an object.
  3. If you are using DSpace with DataCite DOIs - contact me!

Many thanks!
Sheila (sheila.rabun@lyrasis.org)

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