DOIs for theses

Hi folks, we recently surveyed our UK DataCite Consortium members on assignment of DOIs to theses, and while there’s broad interest in this right now very few organisations have actually been able to put it into practice. We (and our consortium members) would love to hear about the practical issues that our international colleagues have faced and how (or if?) you’ve over come them. A couple of prompts come to mind:

  1. What needed adapting in processes, systems, metadata etc. to make assigning DOIs to theses work?
  2. If you needed additional resource, how did you make the business case to support it?

We’re planning a webinar on this soon as well, so if anyone is willing to share a short (10 minutes max) presentation on your experiences please let us know; we’d be very grateful!

Also linking this previous thread as it’s relevant:


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Thanks for this @jezcope! You might try posting in the DataCite Chat Room (which is public) if you’re looking for input beyond consortia - I could see universities that are direct members also having insights on this topic!

Thanks Kelly! I think I put this in the General category which is also public, but I’ve moved it to DataCite Chat Room now.